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Priority (approx. 12 days), Priority + Follow-up Call (approx. 12 days)

Animal Communication Session with Nikki

Session Details

+ Approximately 75-90 minutes (duration entirely depends on your animal).

+ One animal per session, living or deceased.

+ Received within approximately 4-6 weeks. Sessions are not conducted live. I do the session on my own time, utilizing the photo you provide. After the session, you'll promptly receive the full audio recording, allowing you to listen to the entire conversation.

+ I ask your animal a lot of questions during the communication. In addition to everything addressed below, you may ask 5 additional questions.

+ Animals in form. I ask about their entire life: how they feel in their body, what brings them joy, favorite activities, dislikes, what they want to do more of, their home, bedding, food, exercise, siblings, concerns, messages and advice for you, soul's mission, PLUS whatever else they want to say!

+ Animals in spirit. I ask about their entire life in form and in spirit: how they’re doing now, their transition, signs they're sending you to let you know they're still with you, favorite activities, concerns, messages and advice for you, advice or things to say about their siblings, soul's mission, PLUS whatever else they want to say!

+ If you book a Post-Communication Call, this is not another animal communication session. It's a 45-minute audio-only Zoom call designed to explore the messages your animal shared in depth. This allows us to concentrate on the nuances to ensure you fully understand their wishes and desires.

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