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Teaching animal lovers to master telepathic animal communication and transform into professional animal communicators.

nikki vasconez

Animal Communicator & teacher

brings more compassion to our planet.

Amplifying the animals' voices

My career began as an attorney, but each day on my way to court, I found myself stopping to admire and talk to the birds. It felt like they understood me, even though I didn't realize it at the time. Little did I know, this connection would mark the beginning of my transformation from lawyer to animal communicator.

I didn't grow up talking to animals. Animal communication is a skill I learned to do. Now, I'm here to show you that you can learn it, too!

I'm Nikki, an animal communicator dedicated to helping you connect deeper with your animals and yourself.

welcome, friend!

Discover a  deeper bond with animals you never knew existed!

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Hear what My Clients say!

"I’ve had Nikki communicate with a few of my animals and have been left speechless on more than one occasion! The things she was able to tell me about my animals, nobody would know aside from myself and my husband."

catherine h.

"Nikki truly is an angel. She connected with our dog Hugo, and the reading was very accurate. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, but after listening to the first minute of the recording, tears poured down my eyes. You are amazing and your gift to communicate with animals is so special. Thank you very much once more!"

kätlin a.

"I first started watching Nikki‘s TikTok’s and quickly realized the value in her. I signed up for communication sessions with three of my dogs. First off, the amount she charges I would pay 10 times over and over again. The sessions are not rushed. They are very patient, kind, sensitive, funny, enlightening, realistic, hopeful, accurate and COMFORTING!"

amanda s.

"Nikki is absolutely amazing! She hit the nail on the head with every single one of my boys personalities and certain habits they have. There were so many things that she said, coming from them, about my own life and personality that there’s no way she could have known. I was blown away! You have been given a gift Nikki! Thank you for all your help!"

taryn o.

"Nikki communicated with our recently passed Dallas! Their conversation was truly incredible! From the very first moment he entered the conversation to the end it filled our hearts with such joy and peace as he made us laugh, cry, ponder, and he let us know he’s so happy! Nikki has such an amazing gift and we are so thankful that she was able to connect for us today just when we needed it the most!"

kristen r.

"After discovering Nikki on TikTok, I had to enlist her help in connecting to my new rescue pup, Daphne. The communication far surpassed my expectations. All of my questions were answered and so much more. Daphne even had suggestions to enrich the lives of every living thing in our home & we are taking those to heart. I couldn’t be more satisfied with this service. We thank you infinitely, Nikki!"

debro o.

"This was my first experience I have ever paid for. The chills I got hearing what my boy had to say was amazing. She was able to talk about things only he or I would know. Best communication ever! I will be a return client every couple of months when I am able too! I highly recommend her & have told all my friends about her & our experience!"

heather f.

"I reached out to Nikki after losing the battle for my sweet bunny’s life left me devastated and feeling lost. Nikki connected with my boy and was able to give my heart some peace as he told her how happy and free he now was and how much love he felt when he was alive. I truly thank her for sharing her gift with me and Mauri."

kirsten d.

"After listening to the recording, I feel so much more closer to my dog Laughy. Thank you Nikki for such an amazing session. My husband and I were so surprised by how accurate the messages that Nikki delivered to us. We were like “WOW!” Now I feel that I understand Laughy more and feel that he’s also so happy about it."

sisi z.

"I can’t thank Nikki enough for her connection with my sweet boy Amir. She is truly gifted and was able to tell me about health issues Amir was having that I had no idea about! Parts of her conversation brought me to tears and truly filled my heart to the brim!"

cecilia n.

"Nikki is so gifted! She did a reading on my horse Cruz & I bawled the whole time. Every single thing was spot on. I never knew animal communication was a thing until a friend referred me. I was blown away by Cruz telling her I have a jeep, that he was sore in his tmj, and even how my boyfriend doesn’t like him and that Cruz’s feelings were mutual! It was so amazing being able to hear my horse have a voice."

alyssa r.

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