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Animals are our greatest teachers.

**BEWARE of imposter accounts on social media! I will never direct message you for readings. The only way to schedule a session is to join my waitlist here on my website.

I communicate with your animal remotely by looking at the picture you upload with your submission. The session is not live with you. After the session, I email you the full audio recording so you can listen to our entire conversation. One animal per session.

*I do not provide missing animal sessions.


Standard: $350 USD

Received in 8 weeks.
• In addition to everything addressed below, session allows for 5 additional questions.
Animals in form: I always ask about food, bedding, home, exercise, how you can improve their life, what advice they have for you, and conduct a body scan to locate any areas of pain or discomfort.
Animals in spirit: I always ask about their life with you, how they’re doing now, how they’re still connecting with you, and what advice they have for you.

Priority: $500 USD

Received in 10 days.
• Includes everything listed under a Standard Communication but with priority scheduling.

Check-in: $175 USD

• Only for animals I have previously connected with.
• Session allows for 3 questions.
• Does not include a body scan.
Received in 8 weeks.


Follow-up Call: $75 USD

• 30 minute phone call to provide greater depth and understanding to what your animal shared during the communication. This call allows us to hone in on the details of your animal’s remarks to ensure you fully understand their wishes and desires. Please come prepared with clear, concise questions about the communication. This is not another animal communication session.



3 Standard Communications: $945 USD (savings of $105 USD)
4 Standard Communications: $1,232 USD (savings of $168 USD)
5+ Standard Communications: $300 USD per session (savings of $50 USD per session)

To purchase a package, submit a message through the contact tab.


Mentorship Call with Nikki: $350 USD

• 1 hour 1:1 mentorship call for those seeking to start their own animal communication business or to simply connect deeper with their own animals. This call is unique to each individual depending on where they’re at in their own personal journey but Nikki will help you figure out how to best share your skill with the world!
• Common topics discussed are (but not limited to):
-How to get started even talking to animals
-Daily practices & techniques to enhance your psychic & intuitive abilities
-How to get started on social media
-How to market yourself
-Practitioner drain and burnout

Pet Grief Support Coaching with Michael: $250 USD

• These sessions are with Personal Evolution Facilitator Michael Vasconez, and are designed to help you navigate this difficult path upon the passing of your beloved animal. His sessions will help you understand your grief, clear unresolved (and often hidden) emotions, and bring closure and healing to your aching heart. To schedule, please click the “Services” tab and select “Pet Grief Support.”
• Michael is Deep Coach certified and accredited with the IAPC&M, and a Lifestyle Medicine Coach and Mentor for The Hippocrates Health Institute.


*All sales are final. By booking an animal communication session, you acknowledge that Nikki Vasconez is not a veterinarian and is only here to relay messages from your animal. With all medical and health related issues, please consult with your veterinarian.

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Animals are our greatest teachers.