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I didn't grow up communicating with animals. As a kid, I enjoyed the presence of my hamster, bunny, and guinea pig companions but my communication with them consisted of unintentionally poking their eyeballs, pulling their tails, and hugging them a little too hard.

It wasn’t until my late 20s that I learned animal communication was even a thing! I then read book after book... after book.

Do people laugh at you for having full conversations with your animals like they understand what you're saying?!

I'm Nikki, Animal Communicator & Teacher

hi friend!

well... they do!

That was the moment my whole             shifted!


Animal communication is not a gift. It's a skill, a muscle to be developed. You CAN become an animal communicator, and I'll show you how!

I used to be a litigation attorney in a large city in Pennsylvania. My days consisted of court, angry clients, and cranky judges, I had a 2 hour commute each way, leaving time for nothing.

My husband and I had 3 dogs at the time but had no idea animal communication existed.

It wasn't always all psychic stuff and unicorns...

how I got to this place

...it all started when our dog said he didn't like his name!

Our mini poodle Merlin, formerly known as Havoc, was so anxious and scared ALL the time. His nickname was "Havoc Danger" or just “Danger” ...and guess what? He always acted like he was in danger. My husband Michael named him Havoc because that was his military unit's call name while deployed to Afghanistan... we didn't know any better at the time.

When our senior pup wasn't doing well, we hired our first animal communicator. During the session I said to her: "this might sound crazy but I feel like Havoc doesn't like his name." She blurted out "I'm SO glad you said something. When I walked in the door and you introduced us, he said 'Call me Mr. H.' (because he didn't like Havoc)."

He said my husband previously named him and needed to be the one to rename him. "If Dad is told the words 'magic' and 'wizard,' he'll know exactly what to name me." Mike immediately said "MERLIN!"

Once Merlin’s name was changed, he strutted around the house like we’ve never seen! He literally became a new poodle overnight. Still to this day, he struts his stuff SO PROUD and SO CONFIDENT, and all we did was change his name!


That was the moment my whole                     shifted!

After that first animal communication experience, I knew I wanted to be able to do this. So I started practicing. For about 8 months, I did free readings for anyone that would give me feedback. The feedback was phenomenal and I slowly convinced myself that I was actually doing it!

Trust me,

you can learn to do this as well.

I knew it!

I'm kind of a vegetable peeler snob! I travel with mine because I'm very particular and mine's usually better than everyone else's! HA


My husband shaved my head once and it was the most exhilarating & liberating feeling ever. It was his idea!!


My favorite fruit is papaya. If you don’t like papayas, GOOD, more for me!


My dad, stepdad, and husband are all named Michael... Weird!


fun facts about me

In 2021, I quit my lawyer gig & went full-time Animal Communicator. This journey has shifted my entire perspective on how much we can accomplish if we just believe we can!


Access to an online Animal Communicator Community with weekly live calls and support to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities.

Reawaken your own ability to psychically connect with your animals at home or in nature.

Hear your animal's thoughts so you can better understand their needs and desires.

Learn more about and connect deeper with yourself and your animals to create the most harmonious life possible.

Here's what you can expect while working with me...

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Nikki will telepathically communicate with your animal, living or in spirit, to hear what they have to say.

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