Learn to connect with animals in a way you  never thought possible!

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Nikki’s Animal Psychic Academy

Learn to connect with animals in a way you  never thought possible!

Do you wish you could hear your animal's thoughts so you could better understand their needs & desires?

Do they like their food? Do they want an animal sibling? Why are they barking nonstop? Are they in pain? Are they getting enough exercise? How can I improve their life?

Are my current animals happy?

Can I talk to them, too? Do they know how much I Iove them? Do they understand that I did everything I could?

What about animals in spirit?

What if I've never done this before? My animal is always trying to tell me something but I can't understand them.

Can I really learn to talk to animals?

tell me i'm wrong and you aren't wondering...

wouldn't it be amazing if...

You could finally understand your animal's needs and desires, and strengthen your bond with them like never before?

You had the confidence to connect with animals in a way you never thought possible and help them in meaningful ways?

You could join a supportive community of animal lovers, where you can share your experiences and connect with others who are just as passionate as you are?

I don’t want a lack of confidence or experience to stop you from discovering the incredible world of animal communication. 

That’s why the Animal Psychic Academy is designed to help you overcome any obstacles and experience ease in your journey.

Don’t let your doubts or lack of experience hold you back any longer. Our community is comprised of individuals with all levels of psychic and intuitive skills, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced communicator, you’ll find the support and guidance you need to succeed.


Nikki’s Animal Psychic Academy

We all have natural psychic and telepathic abilities but most of us stray from our intuitive powers because they’re not nurtured nor spoken of in our modern world.

This Academy will help you reawaken your abilities!

Inside the Academy you will…

Discover your own animal communication ability while also connecting with and meeting fellow animal lovers and friends!

Have biweekly Practice Corners where you will talk to each other’s animals and receive live feedback.

Have biweekly Q&As where we’ll review any questions you have about talking to animals, how to get started building your business, and health/lifestyle questions. All questions are fair game!

Receive weekly content where I’ll touch on topics I see pop up within our community.

Access countless hours of past and present workshops and webinars teaching you how to become a full-time professional Animal Communicator and how to live the lifestyle of a psychic.

Access our private community where you can connect with others just like you that are seeking to enhance their psychic and intuitive abilities and overall self and pet wellness.

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I didn't grow up talking to animals. It's something I learned to do and I'm here to show you that you can do it, too!

My career path started out as an attorney. Each day on my way to court, I stopped and admired the birds. I always talked to them like they understood me. Turns out, they did! I just didn't know it yet.

I'm Nikki.

hey there!

Are you ready to learn how to connect with animals in a way modern society tries to convince you is only possible in movies and fairy tales?

Take a peek at what’s included when you join us inside…

Weekly content and group Q&As

Every week new content is added to the Academy and we have biweekly group Q&As for you to ask your burning questions about animal communication, how to start your animal communication business, pet wellness secrets, and health & lifestyle recommendations. I also touch on topics I see pop up within our community.

The time of our weekly events changes each week to accommodate all time zones, and you'll also be able to watch the recordings.

Animal Communication Practice Cornners

Twice per month we come together and practice our animal communication skills by doing real readings with each other's animals!

We talk to animals that are living and in Spirit, and you'll receive instant feedback!

Training to start your own animal communication business

I help you figure out how to best share your skill with the world! We cover daily practices and techniques to enhance your psychic and intuitive abilities, how to get your business started, how to market yourself on social media, and how to navigate client relations and avoid burnout.

Access to countless hours of workshops and webinars

Take a seat and get comfy because you have access to countless hours of past and present Workshops and Webinars to help you excel in this new and exciting journey of animal communication. These materials will help you connect deeper with your animal and yourself.

Guest speakers across all modalities

Succeeding in animal communication isn't just about talking to the animals, it's about being the best version of YOU possible in all avenues. To help us experience wholesome wellness, we'll hear from doctors, veterinarians, health & life coaches, yoga instructors, dog trainers, herbalists, chefs, and many more!

The more animals’ voices heard,
the more compassion we bring to our planet.

“Your community really is fantastic. There is a lot of great support there. Thank you for creating it!”

“The various meetings are great and I’ve enjoyed Michael’s health-related content. I think this is a seriously great value for the money and just wanted to say thanks!”

Ginny K

You've always felt a little different because of your deep connection with animals but have no one to share that with.

You're a pet parent, farm owner or simply an animal lover and want to know what your animals are thinking so you can provide them with the most fulfilling, enriched life possible.

You received a message from your animal in Spirit but you're not sure if it really was them or you just making it up.

You want a career change into animal communication but have no idea how to start or where to find animals to practice with.

Wondering if this is right for you? Just ask yourself if you can relate to the following:

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Your practical advice, feedback, encouragement, and guidance made a great impact on me as I start on my path towards animal communication.”

Jen N.

Ready to experience the magic of animal communication?

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By now I’ve given you a lot of information but…

Do you have more questions? 
Let me answer those for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Membership's monthly animal communication practice sessions are solely you talking to lots of animals and receiving live feedback from the owners; there is no instruction from me during this specific event.

The paid Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop is 3 hours of instruction from me so if you're just getting started, you definitely want to attend an Introduction Workshop in addition to the Membership, BUT all past workshop recordings are available for FREE in the Membership.

However, the benefit of taking a live Introduction Workshop is that the feedback from the owners will be in real-time. If you wait a few weeks to listen to the workshop recording, a lot can change with the animals so the feedback given during the live class might not be entirely accurate by the time you tune in.

The time of our weekly events changes each week to accommodate all time zones. If you can't make the event live, you'll be able to watch the recording!

Yes! The Academy is designed to help beginners develop their animal communication skills from scratch, and to help more experienced communicators hone their abilities.

As a member, you'll have access to a private community of like-minded animal lovers, biweekly practice corners, Q&As, weekly content, and countless hours of past and present workshops and webinars. You'll also have the opportunity to connect with me and receive guidance and support as you develop your skills.

Yes! The Animal Psychic Academy is designed to help you develop the skills you need to become a full-time professional animal communicator and start your own business. We offer workshops and webinars on building your business, as well as guidance and support directly from me.

No, you don't need to have any prior psychic or intuitive abilities to join. The Academy is designed to help you awaken and develop these abilities, regardless of your starting point.

Animals are our greatest teachers.