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Ready to learn how to instantly start talking to animals?

Animal communication workshop


Why are they barking? Are they in pain? Are they getting enough exercise? What can I do to make them more comfortable?

What does my pet need?

Do they like their food? Do they want an animal sibling? Do they understand when I go to work I'm coming back?

How can I improve their life?

Do they know how much I Iove them? Do they know I did everything I could for them and I miss them so much?

Is my animal happy?

tell me i'm wrong and you aren't wondering...

Do you feel like your animal is trying to tell you something but you're not sure you understand fully?

Before I became a professional animal communicator, I took ONE workshop similar to this one and that is when the flood gates opened and the animals started pouring in!

This workshop is all you need to get started having two-way conversations with animals. Animals are always sending you telepathic messages and you are already receiving these whether you know it or not!

How do I start?

Information is sent and received non-verbally (aka telepathically) between the animal and us through images, feelings, thoughts, scents, sounds, etc.

We all have this natural, innate ability but most of us stray from our intuitive power because it is not nurtured nor spoken of in our modern world. This workshop will help you reawaken your ability!

How does it work?

Despite humans outwardly communicating one way and animals another, telepathy is a universal language across species that allows us to communicate with each other at all times—living or deceased.

Animal communication is a two-way dialogue that is basically a silent conversation. There's not much to look at while it's happening.

What is animal communication?

Learn how to start communicating with animals in these two 3 hour pre-recorded workshops with real communications. We talk to 3 animals (living and in Spirit) and you'll be amazed at how quickly YOU can learn to do this! Listen to the workshop recordings and practice along with us.

Introduction to Animal
Communication Workshop



Sheri M.

"That was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. It was dazzling how well everyone did! Thanks for answering so many questions too. You cleared away a lot of stumbling blocks."

I didn't grow up talking to animals. It's something I learned to do and I'm here to show you that you can do it, too!

My career path started out as an attorney. Each day on my way to court, I stopped and hung out with the birds. I always talked to them like they understood me. Turns out, they did! I just didn't know it yet.

I'm Nikki, pet psychic who's going to help you connect deeper with your animal & yourself.

welcome friend!

Do people laugh at you for having full conversations with your animals like they understand what you're saying?!

well... they do!

Overview of what animal communication is and what it is not

The various ways to receive telepathic messages & how to enhance your psychic & intuitive abilities

6 animal communications with feedback from the live class

Take home Heart Cord Meditation

Group discussion and Q&A

Your first step to becoming a full-time, professional Animal Communicator!

what to expect:

Ginny K.

"I took today's class completely expecting to be the only one who couldn't do it. The class of beginners talked to my cat and people completely blew my mind, and I picked up some really random information from the other animals featured. It's really fun and Nikki makes this skill feel very accessible."

Watch & Learn More

Not Sure If It's Right For You?

Melissa h.

"I did not expect to hear a single thing. This validated for me that I can communicate with my dog. This has been beautiful. Thank you for doing this."

2 Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop Recordings


This purchase is NOT for a live workshop. This is for the recordings of the 2 most recent live workshops.


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