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Through detoxification of the mind, body and spirit we have the ability to experience real health, intuitive behavior, and the most beautiful relationships.

I offer a very unique approach to healing chronic illness, overcoming grief, healing relationships, and spiritual awakenings.

I'm Michael, Deep Transformational Coach


Though proper detoxification, relationship coaching, or becoming symptom free from chronic illness, you can become whole again.

I had a back injury that left me barley walking, my marriage was on the brink of divorce, and my body was so sick I could barely function. 

Then I had a moment where the Divine touched my life to guide me out of my darkness. I learned many secrets that are hidden from humanity in order to find health and well-being.

I worked with an indigenous medicine doctor for 6 years who helped me see my path in life.

I then studied with The Hippocrates Health Institute to become a Lifestyle Medicine Coach and Mentor. I received a Life Coaching diploma from Nobel Manhattan Coaching and became Deep Coach certified and an accredited Senior Coach with the IAPC&M.

My education is melded with experience to offer people a way into well-being and a better life.

10 years ago I was walking the sands of Afghanistan as a machine gunner for the United States Marine Corps...

how I got to this place

I developed these pet loss support sessions to help you navigate this difficult path upon the passing of your beloved animal.

These sessions fall under the framework of Deep Transformational Coaching and will help you:
  • understand your grief, 
  • clear hidden, unresolved emotions that you didn't even know were buried deep inside, and 
  • develop a pathway to help bring healing to your aching heart.

The coaching space created during our session is a safe, non-judgmental and open place for you to explore your emotions and process the passing of your animal and the connection this has to other areas of your life.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Begin healing after the passing of your beloved animal.

Pet Loss Support Coaching

$250 USD

"Mark has been able to start working through the trauma and the hardest parts of losing Tucker. I think so often connecting with someone who is a stranger, and a man connecting with another man on this level, seems to offer more comfort and help.  

In this great big world, we are familiar strangers, and I am so thankful to have found you and Nikki. I never imagined we would need this kind of connection so soon. We are personally so grateful to you and Nikki for all of the things we have learned and been able to heal from." 

Lisa h.

"My husband Mark benefited so much from his session with you. I had a feeling he would."

I take a very close look at your life to help you lose weight, heal chronic illness, and/or help you find that level of health you've been looking for.

Common topics discussed:
  • Transitioning into foods that heal & juicing
  • Ridding the body of parasites
  • Easy detox protocols
  • SpectraCell Micronutrient testing
  • Avoiding 98% of the supplements out there and how to find real, whole food supplementation
  • How to fix your mouth & and what dentists to trust
  • The truth about drinking water
  • Colon & liver cleansing in the modern world
  • Emotional balancing

Sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Health Coaching


Helping you find a level of health you never knew existed.

"It’s been several days since I did my first liver/gallbladder flush and I am amazed at my results. Not only did I pass a couple dozen small green stones but I passed a handful of ones larger then a quarter in diameter.

My emotional state hours following the cleanse was a feeling of total brightness and this has since increased in the days after. My hormones during the pandemic with stress at an all time high became very dysfunctional resulting in a low libido, energy and general lack of motivation. I felt a noticeable shift in these shortly after finishing the flush and now each passing day I feel them increasing more and more!

Overall I am thrilled to have done the flush and without a doubt will do a second one."

Laurel A.

"I never thought I would feel this much change to my mindset doing a physical cleanse."

Deep coaching is a unique style of coaching that helps you chisel away the barriers within so you can awaken to your authentic self. All of your answers are already inside, and together, the space we create supports a calm opening for those answers to flow to the forefront of your mind.

Deep coaching will allow you to access parts of yourself that you never knew were there. Clients often say that their deep coaching session was like a breath of fresh air.

This style coaching supports soul-level transformation and awakening.

Deep Coaching

Deep coaching is more than a coaching session. It's a soul-level-healing experience.


Before working with Michael, I was full of doubt about leaving my job and starting my own business. I'd gotten stuck feeling I wasn't ready to take the leap. Through our work together I realized there was much more going on under the surface than I was aware of. The truth about my internal struggle emerged and the right next steps became clear. The biggest impact of our work together is how much more confident I feel. It's as though my sense of trust has been activated and supercharged!

I'm deeply grateful for the time we've spent together, Michael. It's been a wonderful experience of deep coaching that has supported me through a very important change in my life. I appreciate how you embody your truth and how it reflects in your coaching. It's been truly unique and special.

Aleidy E.

"The biggest impact of our work together is how much more confident I feel. It's as though my sense of trust has been activated and supercharged!."

My Favorite Things

I've compiled a list of my go-to products, tools, and resources that will make your life easier and more enjoyable!

Join Nikki and I as we walk you through activities and prompts to help you navigate this grief journey.

For those grieving the passing of a beloved animal, you’re not “wrong” or “overreacting” by your grief.

Courses & Education

Pet Loss Support Webinar Recordings

These short courses provide you the tools and methods to heal many common health ailments. Even if you are feeling well, incorporating these tips into your life will enhance your vibrancy and allow you to feel even better.

Simple Health Secrets You Need to Know

coming soon!

Colon Cleansing Made Easy

What's On My Bookshelf

learning & Leisure

PR Labs is the industry leader in preservative-free, excipient-free, premier quality nutritional products and super foods. PR Labs never uses tablets because the nature of a tablet is that it must contain "excipients" which are toxic tag-alongs, such as: magnesium stearate, calcium stearate and silicon dioxide (i.e., ground sand). PR Labs believes that non-food agents should never be put in products that are meant to be consumed.

If you've been looking for quality supplements, you're finally in the right place.

The world leader in cellular resonant formulas.

Premier Research Labs Supplements

Power Shake

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Products & Subscriptions

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Vitamin D3+K2

At a hefty 5,000 IU of D3 and 180 mcg. of K2 per capsule, this exclusive 100% vegan formula promotes cardiovascular and bone health, without undesirable chemical tag-alongs.


Provides an extraordinary plant-based enzyme formula that offers specialized enzymes to support the digestion of carbohydrates and protein, including gluten.


Live plant-source fermented CoQ-10 (not synthetic) that offers highly bioavailable and preferred trans isomeric CoQ-10.


Promotes healthy intestinal ecology with 13 different viable strains of beneficial flora and 14 botanicals fermented for 3 years to create unique highly beneficial bioavailable nutrients. Vegan.

Coffee Enema

Organic enema coffee produced from specialty grade 100% organic green beans - no molds or fungus - and shade grown. Your coffee enema is only as good as the coffee you use.

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